Jan 10, 2013

A Farewell...

Four score and... well actually two and a half or so years ago, I started this blog as a way of documenting my personal style to share with other sartorially minded folks.  Back then, I lived in a tiny town in Southwest Virginia, worked for my alma mater on the most entry of entry level salaries, and no real understanding of the fashion industry.  Fast forward to the present, I am leaving Washington, DC after opening two of what some may say are the best non-independent stores for men in the city to move to New York to be a part of the Carson Street team and star in my own version of How To Make It In America (RIP).  This blog, as well as my Tumblr, have taken a marked change since I started working in "the industry" back in May.  Fewer posts, even fewer questions answered, and virtually no activity here on the .com.  Though I've always maintained that I do this as a hobby, I'd be lying if I said that each and every person that's followed me here or on Life and Times of C. Benjamin didn't help me get to where I am today and I thank you. That said, I think it's about time I officially bid adieu to Dapper Demeanor in this form.  I haven't really had the time or energy to produce the level of content that I've wanted to for quite a while now.  My Tumblr, however, will remain and I will be doing my best to do more than just reblog pictures of Rashida Jones.  I will also be working on pieces for Carson Street, so be sure and stay tuned for that.  May this new year bring all of the followers of Dapper Demeanor health, wealth, success, and most importantly happiness, and always remember to holla at a player when you see me on the streets.



Contemplative photo in the cold courtesy of Mike Idiokitas



    1. And if it isn't the so-called "Beautiful". Why don't you click ya heels together three times and go back to the Hypebeast forums...

  2. I really enjoyed your blog even though just now discovering it (I have taken a few moments here and there to scroll back and re-read what you have wrote; very well done and thought out; a great work) wondered how one could follow you blog or thought wise in you latest endeavor of transitioning to nyc. As an avid fashionista, also African-American or black male it is hard to find/follow and also admiriable to find and read about highly talented garmentos here in the USA. Thanks for all you do and Good Luck in NYC (where I used to live, now in D.C.) I appreciate your work and thoughts.

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