Apr 23, 2012

Product Review: form.function.form Bracelets

If you've been to a blog at all in the past year, you'll know that men's jewelry (yeah I said it... jewelry) has been hot in the proverbial streets. Bracelets in particular have been the catalyst for the "mewelry" movement (and THAT will be the last time I use that god forsaken word). I'm a fan and have been for years but I'm very particular when it comes to what I put on my wrists. Men's bracelets tend to float towards extremes. Either they are super dainty or overly machismo: very refined or so rugged they slice your wrists. I found that form.function.form does a great job at finding a balance between rugged and refined while maintaining a unique look. There are a lot of blogger buzz word that you can throw around when talking about them: American made, handcrafted, Horween leather. Simply put, Shawn makes beautiful pieces from great materials at a very affordable price. I got the Bow Shackle and BFS bracelets. They were both made to my specifications: wrist size, leather shade, and cord color.
The Bow Shackle

I already wear quite a few bracelets and sometimes it's hard to incorporate new pieces. The Bow Shackle, however, works well on my right wrist surrounded by the other smaller pieces that I wear. I opted for the Essex leather with blaze orange cord. I wanted something with some pop and I got just that. I've worn it non-stop for the past few weeks (yes, even in the shower) and it looks great. The leather has worn nicely and gotten a shade darker than the cord. The strap has snap closures around the bowshackle, so it's fairly easy to get on and off.

When it came to the BFS bracelet, I knew I didn't necessarily want more wrist-raff so I use it as a lanyard for my keys. The leather is amazing, the hook closure is fairly discrete, and the snap closure is strong so your keys stay on all day. The embossed "F" on the underside is my favorite detail and shows the thought that goes into each piece.

I clip the hook to the nearest belt loop to my pocket and call it a day. With jeans, I clip to the front loop and on chinos I use the hip loop.

Getting into jewelry can be tough for guys. When it comes to styling a piece, my school of thought is to wear pieces that you'll forget about. You want bracelets, rings, and watches to be an extension of you. Either you never take them off or putting them on is akin to putting on underwear: it's second nature. I haven't taken the Bow Shackle off since its arrived and it works well with all of my ensembles. form.function.form is a great option for guys looking for something stylish without going off the sartorial deep end. The pieces are unique, well made, and priced well. I'll definitely be picking up some of their other goods and look forward to what the brand offers in the future. Thanks to Jeremiah for letting me be a part of the Sartorial Et Al once again as well as reviving the 4 years of Latin I had in HS. Check out the great reviews on other form.function.form products here. Thank you to Shawn from form.function.form for submitting products for review.


  1. It's good to have them around. It won't just be an accessory.

  2. Interested in those string bracelets. Who makes those?

  3. I didn't know orange can be a masculine color. Are they really come in one package, because I'm thinking of sending these to someone as a gift.

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