Aug 30, 2011

Product Review: McNairy Burro Boots

Wow. Seems like it's been forever since the last post. As some of you may know, I recently moved from Lexington, VA to Washington, D.C. Things have been a little hectic, but they are starting to return to what some people might consider normalcy. All that aside, fall is now right around the corner. It's my favorite time of year because it offers the best colors, the best fabric, the best pieces of clothing, and the best footwear. Boots are a no-go in the dead of the summer, but they are one of my favorite parts about fall. The McNairy Burro Boots made a bit of a splash when Lawrence got the drop on them back in February. One part work boot, one part Central American heritage the Burro Boot is a great option for someone looking for a change of pace from your typical desert boot this fall.

Made in El Salvador by Empresas ADOC, the Burro Boot is interesting because it's a blend of highs and lows. One the one hand, they are made from a high quality suede with a softness that is extremely noticeable as soon you take them out of the box. On the other, they feature a tough vulcanized rubber sole, reinforced agatine eyelets, and a surprisingly sturdy toe-box. I'm not advocating violence, but if you kicked someone in the jaw with these... there might be some head trauma involved. 

Blazer: J. Crew | Shirt: Gap | Tie: Ralph Lauren Black Label | Jeans: Polo | Watch: Seiko | Belt: Land's End Canvas
Many, myself included, have developed an appreciation for an Italian aesthetic that includes lovely suede chukka boots that can easily be styled with tailored suiting and so much sprezzatura that your silk pocket square can't stay in your breast pocket. These aren't those boots. They are meant to do work. They are street beaters in a very literal since of the term. With a white t-shirt and raw denim, they are a good autumn replacement for sneakers. This is a "day on the town" look and is about as "dressed up" as you can do in the Burros, in my opinion. The heft of corduroy, flannel, and denim complement the silhouette of the boot, and the texture of the silk knit helps add a bit of refinement to the look. Some might complain about the shortness of the tie, but again this is casual. Rather than fuss over the knot, I tied it once and left it at that. It's the perfect fall "day date" look. Whether you are in NYC and taking a special someone to brunch and then the MoMA, or you are in DC and are visiting the National Gallery before an early dinner and drinks on U-Street it's got your bases covered.

The McNairy Burro Boot comes in four different colors: grey, navy, tan, and brown. They can be found exclusively at Opening Ceremony and are available now.

Special thanks to the folks at BPMW for sending me a pair of boots to review. If you are interesting in having products reviewed here on Dapper Demeanor, send inquiries to 


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