Jul 21, 2011

CB Does Market Week Part 1: An Introduction

The credentials for (capsule)... still wearing this joint
As some of you may know, I recently got a new position in Washington, D.C. and have since left the bustling metropolis that is Lexington, VA.  Before I officially started my new position, I wanted to take some time and experience Market Week in NY.  There were a host of menswear tradeshows happening between July 16th and 19th, and not long after unpacking (some of) my belongings in D.C. I hopped on a bus to the Big Apple.  I split my time between two shows in particular: (capsule) and PROJECT NYC.
l-r: Mariah Kunkel, Johnny Ridley,
Marisa Zupan, Jonathan Evans

Of course I was not the only blogger that made the trip out to NYC for the festivities.  Hand's down my favorite part of the week was putting faces and personalities with Tumblr and Twitter handles that I have been interacting with for months.  As one person said, it's just like the first two weeks of college all over again: you meet people and within 5 minutes of conversation you have become best friends.  You will be surprised who has heard of you, and even if they haven't introduce yourself and build that connection.  

Nick Wooster at PROJECT
I think there is this misconception that events like (capsule) are highly exclusive and open to only the most important in the style world, and that certainly is not the case... at least not entirely.   These shows are designed for buyers to see what brands and pieces they wish to carry in-store the upcoming season, and for the press (bloggers included) to see what trends are happening and to build relationships with brands they wish to promote.  If you want to go it's really simple: register.  Come correct, though.  This should merely be an opportunity for you to see what you want in your closet.  I strongly recommend making business cards.  You never know who you will meet and what connections/collaborations will come about. 

Lawrence Schloassman with James Wilson
Admittedly I was a tad bit green going into this trip (it also came together at the very last minute on the heals of a massive relocation), so I didn't have cards.  Please believe that when the next round of shows rolls around in Jan/Feb I will have cards (and hopefully a nice camera) ready to go.  This go round, I was a bit more interested in meeting fellow bloggers and seeing a few things from particular brands (as well as vacationing before my new job started) than the actual business of blogging.  I did, however, take some notes and will be doing a brief rundown of some of my favorite brands from both PROJECT and (capsule).  

I had an absolute blast.  I was actually able to work PROJECT a bit on Tuesday for Por Homme as a part of the Blogger Project set up by Marcus Troy, so I saw a bit of the behind the scenes there.  Both shows had their strengths, and next go round I plan on seeing some of the other shows to broaden my coverage.  Stay tuned for highlights from both shows!


  1. Yay DC! So nice meeting you at Boston Bloggers! XOXO Sara

  2. D.C. does not seam a dapper place, nor one with anything but antagonistic demeanor. I'm sure you will class up the place.


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