Jun 24, 2011

Gang Green

First and foremost, I offer my deepest apologies for the delay in posting but I big things on the horizon for me as well as Dapper Demeanor. Summer is upon us meaning that wool, for the most part, is out and cotton is in and neutral tones are moved to the wayside for brighter more vibrant colors. The term "Go To Hell" has been attributed to about everything from shoes to body parts (???), but where I think it's most appropriate is big ticket items like pants and suiting. This fit is an example of what a pair of "Go To Hell" chinos can do for a stylish but otherwise mundane outfit.

Blazer-Gap | Shirt-Martin + Osa | Pants-Rugby | Watch-Timex | Belt and Watch Strap-J. Crew | Shoes-Tretorn

Unstructured cotton blazer: check. Chambray shirt: been there. Canvas sneakers: done that. What makes this fit interesting is the chinos. Of course khaki would have worked just as well, but Kelly green really makes the fit pop. Pretty much any of the "standard stylish kits" you will hear recommended on the internets can be improved with a pair of brightly colored chinos. While one may be tempted try to O.D. on color, I think that brightly colored pants or blazers look better when they are surrounded by more understated pieces. This is more of an "After 5" outfit for me. I might ditch the blazer if I was going to just hang out a friends place with others, but if we might go out I would certainly keep it handy. 

When it comes to shirt buttons, anything more than 2 in a casual setting is usually dangerous territory. Should you decide to pop that third button, make sure that things are in order. It usually looks better on guys that are in some semblance of shape that have average to long torsos and not an overwhelming amount of chest hair. I will come right out and say it: don't ask me or anyone else about "manscaping" your chest. Don't talk about it; be about it. 


  1. Damn I should have copped those green chinos last time I saw them on sale at the Polo factory store earlier this summer. I thought I had bought too many pants, but I'm already thinking of going back to get more. :/

  2. Are the chinos tailored? how is the quality of the gap blazer?

  3. @anon: The chinos are not tailored one bit. I still maintain that Rugby has the best slim fitting chinos in their price range. I could talk about the Gap blazer, but it's about 2 years old so there is no way to get it now. Just know that it is tailored.

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