Apr 11, 2011

Turning the Corner

According to the calendar, Spring has been upon us for a few weeks now but in most places we are just now getting a taste of warm weather.  In my last post, I talked about mixing staples from Fall/Winter with Spring/Summer pieces to create seasonally appropriate outfits.  Now that we have turned the seasonal corner, let's talk about the season's sartorial MVP: the unstructured cotton blazer.

Blazer-Gap | Shirt-Brooks Brothers | Pants-Dockers | Tie-Merona | Shoes-Bass Dover | Belt-Land's End Canvas | Socks-Pantherella
A good unstructured jacket can be one of the most versatile pieces in your closet.  With the right combination of fit, refinement, and comfort, an unstructured jacket can look as great with jeans and a t-shirt as it does with trousers and a dress shirt.  Because they lack the canvassing and padding of structured jackets, they travel well and move with your body. Cotton blazers have some clear benefits to their woolen brothers, not the least of which being breathability.  Another benefit is affordability: you can purchase great unstructured cotton jackets much cheaper than unstructured wool jackets.  They are also fairly easy to find at a range of prices and quality.  

While a Spring staple, a good cotton blazer can get you through three seasons.  A lined blazer, such as this one, will perform better on chillier days than an unlined blazer will.  Conversely, an unlined blazer will be more comfortable in the hottest summer day, with a partially lined blazer being that happy medium between the two.   Think about what your location's seasonal patterns are to find the right jacket for you.

I really like a cotton blazer when traveling.  Blazers are generally great for traveling because things like tickets, cell phones, keys, and other things that need to come out of your pockets before going through security.  Airports and planes are rarely comfortable across the board temperature wise; one is chilly while the other is warm.  A cotton blazer can keep you warm in the terminal; they won't suffocate  you in the airplane cabin; and when you take it off you basically can ball it up and toss it under your seat.  

Took these pics myself... this is the crotch test shot.


  1. Well done post! I particularly like the Italian twist of the tie. Question: Did the blazer need tailor work? -noISez

  2. Nice look, man. I definitely dig it. I think you could benefit from a jacket that is one or two inches longer in the body; It would keep your longer legs in proportion. Just a thought.

  3. The blue and tan colour combo always looks smashy. Love the italian way to wear the tie :)

  4. @noIsez: Yes the tailor did need to be tailored. It's from right when Patrick Robinson took over Gap so it's fit was more akin to the older Gap pieces.

    @Tommy: Thanks, man. The thing with longer jackets is that my legs are still as long as a New York block so it still looks off. Also, longer jackets look odd when worn with casual outfits (read: polo shirts, t-shirts, etc.).

  5. I agree with Tommy, the jacket looks kind of short, but otherwise it seems to fit your frame pretty well. I guess it matches the shirt for a Thom Brownish look (no disrespect, I dig it).

    Also, the whole unstructured blazer is a bit overplayed lately since a lot of options just look sloppy. Perhaps this is due to the nature of the jacket, but more likely due to the styling. Either way I like how you've dressed it up slightly without losing the casual feel of the blazer.

    Finally, I really dig the tie. I have stopped wearing ties lately, but I'm thinking of putting them back into the rotation and perhaps getting some silk polka dot knits...

    Thanks for the inspiration as always homie.

    - Eddy

  6. Sprezzy stuff at a good price. I love that you took all the pics yourself. Way to go CB!

  7. Just came across your blog. Keep up the good work! You are putting it down with your posts!