Nov 30, 2010

Professor Steeze

I think one of the most debated of menswear items over the past 2 years is the turtleneck.  One can make an argument for pleated pants, but due to the level of difficulty and general lack of affordable slim, single pleated trousers my money is on the turtleneck.  You can find a well fitting turtleneck in a lot of places, but so many guys shy away from them, in the U.S. anyway.  For guys that prefer an understated look but at the same time don't want to get lost in the riff-raff, a slim fitting turtleneck is the way to go. 

Blazer and Socks-Gap|Turtleneck-United Colors of Benniton|Jeans-Unbranded Denim|Shoes-Sperry

 Not only can they be versatile and stylish, they are also functional in cold weather months.  Nothing is worse than rocking a scarf and a cold gust comes through and finds that ONE gap in the scarf and chops you in the Adam's apple Liam Neeson in Taken style.  Turtlenecks are tricky, though, because there are many variations.  If you are new to the turtleneck game, going with cotton or a fine merino wool are your two best bets: classic, lots of places carry them, and they are easily layered under coats, blazers, and even overshirts.  Chunkier turtlenecks are a little tougher for novices, but can be great too.  Tweed blazers with turtlenecks is a collegiate classic, which I love in part because I live in a college town and work for a college. 

"No socks with boat shoes" is one of those rules that you have to learn how to break.  You can rock socks, but they must be the right kind of socks and the weather has to be appropriate (anything sub 55 is too damn cold for boat shoes even with socks).  A nice, thick (but not too thick) camper/boot sock works well with boat shoes. 


  1. I don't break the "no socks with boatshoes" rule because it seems a bit JV to rock socks with Sperrys. I figure that if you wanna' wear socks you can just wear some bucks or wingtips. That being said, everyone hates on turtlenecks for no reason. Turtlenecks are awesome, it's all about being in shape. Pudge doesn't go well with them. Killing it with the look, I must say.

  2. Living in Australia, Sperrys aren’t that popular. Places selling them are very limited. So that socks with Sperrys thing, is that generally a no-no or something?

    Having said that, it never occurred to me that it was an actual “rule” (as I have just found out by this post that I have broken such a rule).

  3. Yes, that´s looking fresh, the turtleneck throws something artsy in it. And for the boot shoes with socks: well, certainly not that common, but still done right. Good one!

  4. Socks with boat shoes is fine. It's winter, we need to keep our feet warm, it only makes sense.

  5. I like this outfit a lot, turtle neck and all.

    The Sperrys dress it down to the point where you don't look as much like a professor.

  6. Socks with Sperry's work if you pick the right socks. Great post, man.

    Also, you got that tweed blazer from Gap? Do you have a link?!

  7. Yeah, that jacket looks great. Is that how it fit off the rack from the Gap? Kind of amazing if so. Would also love a link if you've got one handy.

  8. So, basically The Enthusiast is saying he doesn't wear socks with Sperrys because it's against the rules to wear socks with Sperrys. Count me unconvinced by this particular logic.

  9. Nice post man i love those shoes.


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