Oct 6, 2010

Just Touched Down

To say that college football season is in full swing would be a gross understatement.  With BCS rankings come out soon and most teams 5 games in, the regular season is almost halfway done... But I am a glass half full kinda guy, so lets just say that we have 2 more months of awesomeness and leave it at that.  This fit was inspired by the idea that most guys that have transitioned to "grown up" wardrobes from college probably don't have much of your typical fall Saturday garb (unless you went to a school like mine where blazers and ties were standard issue in the stands).  This is something that is put together, casual, and most importantly comfortable.  It would look good at the alumni function, the tailgate, and the game.  More after the jump.

Hat-H&M|Shirt-Nautica|Vest and Tie-Land's End|Belt-Levi's|Jeans-RRL|Shoes-Calvin Klein|Watch-Timex|NATO Strap-J. Crew 
Nothing that I'm rocking is slim/skinny, but it all fits.  The shirt is from Nautica (I told you this shirt would pop up on here soon) and I sized down to a small.  The fit is pretty good.  For this particular shirt, the fit is almost identical to my Land's End Canvas medium OCBD.  

While in Pittsburgh for work, I found a 2.75 in. black knit tie in Land's End that would make L.A.S. proud.  Ties a good knot, it's width definitely makes a statement in a sea of slim ties, and at $40 its about half the price of those at J. Press.  The vest came upon a recommendation from Dan T. aka The Style Blogger.  When a man that wears custom suits and Montblanc watches tells you that $20 down vests from Land's End are legit, you heed his words.  They run big, so I would size down if you prefer a slim fit.  It's a great weight: very light but insulates well.  For crisp fall days, vests like these are money (and they won't mess up your throwing motion if you are tossing the fatback hog maw pork grind pig skin). 

While many of you have made excellent finds in thrift stores and eBay, my moment or sartorial grace came in a TJ Maxx in South Bend, IN.  I was home for Christmas my senior year in college when I stumbled upon a gang of selvedge RRL jeans in TJ Maxx.  How they got there, I don't know but God bless the person that stole buyer that found them.  These were marked down from $250 to $80, and because no one in South Bend knows anything about fashion... marked down again to $40.  It was a no brainer for me.  If I hadn't been broke, I would have scooped a pair of the raw joints too.   I had them tapered a few months after I got them, and I don't mind the now SUPER spread out selvedge lines.  Luckily the alterationist had the sense not to cut off the extra fabric because at the time I didn't  know to tell them not to cut it.  That hat is one of my favorite articles of clothing.  I really like hats, but it's rare that I find one that fits me (in terms of size and personality) so well.  I wear it with almost any outfit in the F/W. 

Me getting my Peyton Manning on... clearly posing.

All credits to my photographer, Vanessa Ndege.  She did a killer job on this shoot and the last one.  She snapped this and I didn't even know she was taking my pic!


  1. dude, you are killing the rest of us bloggers right now, can you stop it already? damnit.

  2. Awesome pics and getup, man. Props.

  3. hey what color of nato strap was that on j. crew? there are 3 blue colors.



  4. what size vest are you wearing?

  5. @P.M. I'm just out here trying to keep up with y'all. I'm a relative unknown trying to make a name for myself.

    @Tommy: Thanks dude!

    @Dane: Classic navy

    @Anon: Small

  6. Dope cap. Where did you get it? Thanks.

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